The little "Red" from Atwoods

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  1. I bought six little brownish pullets from Atwoods almost two weeks ago. I had bought a dozen black sex-links from a local women (all roosters) and at that time the roos were a week old for sure but I can't be sure about the "Reds" age but they were all about the same size and no feathers development yet. Now even though the roos are bigger now [​IMG]

    the feather development is about the same. I think they are all around three weeks old now.

    My question: Are "Reds" from Atwoods RIR or some other breed? Is there anyway to be sure.
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    Generally if a bin is simply labeled "reds" or "red pullets" , etc they are not necessarily going to be RIR. Many retailers have taken to ordering RIR, Production Red, NH Red and Red Sex Links and binning them together as "red layers" or "red pullets". The way to be sure is to wait for them to mature a bit and see what they feather out as as they progress through the first couple of juvenile molts.
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  4. Oh thank you so much to responding to my question. Whatever she turns out to be isn't she a pretty girl. Well I hope she ends up be a girl. I have enough roosters and then some.
  5. This is one of my "Red" pullets(?) a week later.[​IMG]

    My girls are looking pretty grimy lately and their feathers ragged but they seem to be active, hungry and healthy. I believe they are about 1 month old now. They are still developing at the same rate as my little 1 month old sex-link roosters feather wise. I'm thinking a couple of my girls may actually be roos. Whew, just what I need more roosters! (NOT)

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