The Molt

This is not so much a question as it is an FYI. I re read the article on molting and it mentions more protein is needed. The breeder that I bought from told me he feeds cat food for a supplement. But, I was uncomfortable doing that. Since I feed home cooked meals for my dogs, I give the cooked bones with a little meat on of course to the chickens. So most know that chickens are omnivores like us. So it works and they really go for it. I just don't tell them what it is that they are eating since they don't ask and I don't have to explain that it tastes just like chicken....HAHA!!!!


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May 31, 2018
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Nothing wrong with feeding meat to chickens. I don't understand why others think that there is.

I feed 20% all flock, or flock Raiser to my birds, so I don't have to increase protien intake that much, or at all during molt.

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