The most honest, in depth hatchery I've seen

I have heard great things about them! I just haven't had the pleasure of finding out for myself....we always ordered to late for them.
I have had the pleasure! I ordered EE's from them. They all arrived safe and sound and haven't looked back. They are beautiful! I also plan on getting Roman Tufted geese from them too. Sandhill Preservation is great!
I have ordered from them a few years back, and have just placed an order for their Autumn special I don't order from hatcheries but their birds are a better quality than the standard hatchery bird. Only problem is having to order early then waiting for that shipment.
I have ordered about three times thru them and got mixed results. Honest, I dont know about honest. In depth, I dont know what you mean by that but if the information for each breed, it's ok.

I had good results on the common breeds like the Barred Rocks, Aussies, Buff Orpingtons, and the rest of the American breeds but for the rest of the breeds, it is rather disappointing. Particuarly the Polish and Faverolles. They do need to do some serious culling.

I would not mind giving them another chance but I would be really picky about what breeds I will choose.

They are very very difficult to get a hold of when you have questions and maybe you wont hear from them at all. In order to get your chicks, good idea to submit your order in early of the year or right now if you incline to do so.

Do a search on here for Sandhill, you will find plenty of answers.

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