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    Jun 25, 2015
    D96F489C-2CCF-498F-9C38-6CD9B6272A71.jpeg 2BE21835-C256-4237-9F40-F547290C8FEC.jpeg F4153883-45BD-447A-8FEE-E01C858F8076.jpeg F05259F4-C0D3-446E-9BA1-B05C986D409C.jpeg 27330523-16B0-43F6-A293-BF62B67B3E18.jpeg I got these guys/gals from the feed store Labeled ‘Ameraucana’ and Cuckoo Maran pullets. I’m new ‘ish’ and would love some input!
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    #1 Easter Egger (commonly mislabelled as Ameraucanas) Is there something on her feet? What are those white specks? Anyway, EE's don't have a breed standard because they're not an officially recognised breed. You can't show them.
    They should lay green, brown, or blue eggs. Some have muffs, some don't. Some have green legs, some don't. They should have peacombs, and that weird, stripey, almost barring on their juvenile feathers seems to be pretty unique to them.

    #2 Cuckoo Marans (and yes, Marans is both the singular and the plural, though you'll see it both ways. Weird, right?) Lightly feathered feet and cuckoo colouration. Leg color is usually pale, but can have a black wash (which is more common in pullets)Straight comb.

    #3 EE again, and I really like this one. I think she's going to grow up to be a very pretty girl.

    Hope this helps!
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    That helps a bunch, thank you! I was pretty sure they were EE. The specks are just pine shavings As for the Marans, everything I read never mentioned feathered feet I have 3 total EE, 2 Marans and 1 Welsummer (not pictured) hopefully they were correct with all being pullets! Thanks again!
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    Cute chicks! You’ll love the pretty eggs that bunch will give you! Marans according to american SOP are supposed to have feathered shanks and outer toes, many hatchery quality Marans do not though.
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    EEs and Cuckoo Marans.

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