The new girl!

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    Last week my mom, sister, and I drove two hours each way to bring this girl home. While we were at our destination we ate burgers and fries at the Dairy Queen. First time I can say that their food actually tasted good!

    She's absolutely beautiful. Even after bathing her the discolouration from having a dust bath - before being placed in the box - remains. (Due to my lack of chicken bathing skills, no doubt.)

    Anyway, here's my new white cochin pullet from Poor realtor! (Thanks again, Todd!)

    She likes to sleep in the dog kennel.

    So cute!

    I was surprised, but pleased, to find out she had black feathers!

    Black feet (yellow underneath), with feathers on the toes too.

    Closeup on the black feathers.

    Nice tush!
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    Very pretty girl! Congratulations.

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