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Mar 13, 2018
Brand new to raising layers, we received two roosters last year from my wife's friend and and she is giving us 40 straight run this spring. I'm not sure on the breed but I'll attempt to post a pic. I heard of Backyard chickens through Lakes Country Journal. I currently have enough material to build a 24' run and I'm going to be repurposing a fish house (7x7)for a coop. My biggest question right now would be how many roosts should I build and how many nest boxes. I suppose that last will be better to answer when I find out how many hens I end up with.

Thanks for your time and allowing me in the group!

Just want to say Welcome! But I've got no advice for you, I only have 13 chickens, so I am still in learning mode.

With Homing Pigeons I have to supply one nest box and nest bowl per pair, but my chickens have been so funny, despite supplying 4 nest boxes with my first 3 hens, they all wanted one box and would take turns going in to lay their eggs. Now I have 3 coops, 1 Roo per coop with his girls, so there are a few nest boxes to choose from, but so far most end up choosing the cushy corner they pile up the wood chips, and I only find 1 lonely egg in the nest boxes once in awhile, go figure. LOL

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