The new kids have started to arrive

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  1. Thanks to Tim Bow a pair of IB Pieds. Still to arrive are a pair of IB Silver Pieds (a bit too young to definitively sex). [​IMG]
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  2. Our two babies from Strombergs are still with us. Not sure what they are but they've made it to two months. One still has watery poop with a spot of blood in it from time to time (will go a few days without then happens again!). No we aren't putting them with the new birds. Keeping everyone separated. [​IMG]
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    Can you post a pic of the poo? A really close up would be best. Have you tried treating them with anything? Sounds like cocci.
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  4. Two rounds of antibiotics and dewormer from the vet. Electrolyte and medicated feed. One has it the other doesn't. They are both gaining weight. I believe the one who has it is the large Pea. I guess I deleted the poo pics. I'll get more in the am for you.
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    Did the vet do a fecal float exam? Is that why the dewormer? Medicated, (amprolium), feed doesn't do much for peafowl.
  6. She had me use two round of the meds for cocci plus an antibiotic. She's had me keep them on the medicated chick food with the electrolyte water. Last round ended a week ago.
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    What 'meds' for cocci and what antibiotic?
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    ... first pic = 2 hens !
  9. So they keep Turing their water over. I spoke with the avian vet and I started giving the am... Med for the cocci... She's seeing them on Monday - Again. $141.00 each time!!
  10. Hens? Two Stromberg lite colored peas?

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