The New Kids on The Block...... Thanks Speckledhen!!!!


It's All About Chicken Math
12 Years
Apr 29, 2007
We rode up to see Cyn a couple of weeks ago and picked up these guys, oh and girl

The Blue Wheaten is Willie

The Biggest BR is Clark

BR Pullet is Lois

and smallest BR is Schwarz




Thanks Cyn! They are all doing well, Schwarz is growing, in size anyway, I may need to make his baldiness some clothes
It was the 3 hour ride home
Actually we just named Willie, his name is because Don asked me what color he was and I said Blue Wheaten, well Don is a big Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan and the guy who came up with that show is named Will Wheaten, he said Wheatie and I said Will and he said Willie......

Schwarz, well we figured he needed a beefy big guy name

Then since we name Schwarz I was thinking of a Hero type name and came up with Clark (kent) and then well Lois was a no brainer
I've already used some of my best names on roosters who become buttheads, like Scout, Gabriel and Jake. I may have to reclaim them and revamp their tarnished reputations, LOL. Thought about Lex, but Lexie just died and I'm not sure I'm ready to call another one by that name yet.
Good Idea! You don't want me spoutin names, cause you end up with roosters named Muffin and RuPaul
I had an Uncle Rex; he died about 10 years ago. His wife, my dad's older sister, was my Aunt Reba. She is who my RIR, Reba, is named after. Uncle Rex was a forest ranger in Alabama and took us out on patrol in his boat a couple times. He smoked a pipe with tobacco that smelled like cherries or something similarly sweet. So, thanks! Rex it is! My new boy's name is Rex. Now, to name his three girls.

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