The new Pa budget please help save our schools call your reps!

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    Okay so am I the only one that thinks our Governor has lost his mind? What in the world is he thinking with this budget and what he wants to do to the public school system in Pa? Please if yo live in Pa educate yourself on this topic and write or call your representatives and tell them not to pass this budget until the mandatory consolidation of the public schools from 500+ districts to 100 districts is no longer part of the deal.

    The public school system is already broken and our children deserve better then for their schools for be closed, consolidated and tampered with.

    Taking over 500 districts that we have and making 100 out of them is a disgrace and insulting even in thought let a loan practice. It would not only ruin the sense to community that many smaller schools have but it would also hurt children who in consolidated schools would have longer bus rides, more students in their classes and give communities / parents that had smaller schools less access to the teachers and systems that are suppose to be the best we can provide our kids. Parents will no longer know personally who is teaching their children as many do now in rural Pa. Instead they will just be a name on a paper, this may not seem like a big deal to many parents of children in larger districts already, but to ones in smaller schools this is very valuable.

    Any money saved though consolidation will undoubtedly be lost in hiring more administrators to run the new larger districts and extra transportation costs to bus kids to consolidated schools. Parents and taxpayers have already said in many cases that the cost savings do not out weight the benefits of smaller local schools.
  2. nightshade

    nightshade Chillin' With My Peeps

    please pa parents read this !

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