The New World - An Apocalypse Story


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Jan 17, 2012
The New World
By MeekMeeks

Intro: It's 3001, and the world has finally reached its pollution limit. At a world meeting, all government leaders agree that they need to get their people off of this potentially danger planet that has already killed many and infected more. The toxic fumes have been given off for 12 years. Since they were first detected, scientists have developed high-tech special equipment to start colonies on other planets. Every continent gets their own continent. The wealthiest and most powerful continents get their pick first, but everyone gets a life-sustainable planet. North America got Mars, and Europe got Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon. 31st century technology has made it possible for humans to move onto Earth's solar system's other planets. Asia got Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Australia got Earth's moon. South America got Uranus. Africa got Nanes, a newly found planet just outside of Earth's solar system. Not long after everyone has settled, some continents use up their supplies carelessly. Most of Asia's countries use up their resources quickly. They steal what food their fellow countries can't hide before going after other continents' supplies. There is sure to be a war, but will it wipe everyone out for good?

This is my work, and I've worked hard on it. Now that it's published online, it's copyrighted. Be original, and please don't copy!

Chapter 1 - The Escape
People hurried as they boarded large, ark-like ships that the -government prepared for them. Each continent was assigned to a planet. As everybody finally boarded, the ships finally took off. Scientists had developed a way to make people hibernate. There was a huge room in the ship that had special beds that were built in the wall that you simply pull out of the wall. No blankets needed! When everybody was loaded, the hibernation sequence activated. And then the ship took off. Blasting into space on a steady course to Mars. When they got there the people woke up and the builder robots and humans got to work setting up the colony.

Chapter 2 - A New Beginning
Lieutenant Shawn Ford looked around the colony. Small dome-like makeshift houses were sprinkled throughout the colony. (To be continued)
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