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Sep 29, 2014
New Zealand
Would you believe we got a whole 0.5mm (not sure what that equates to in inches) of rain. Let's hope March brings us some rain because the rest of this week isn't looking hopeful.

One of our OEGB's disappeared awhile ago and I thought the worst had happened. Then she'd occasionally appear and disappear, but she was very sneaky and we could never spot where she went (she'd wait until you were distracted to do her Houdini trick). She disappeared again and I managed to follow her back to her nest. She's well camouflaged but I do hope she gives it up soon. All the others are molting, so looks like I'll be buying eggs over winter. The resident geese are molting too - they keep leaving me lots of feathers, along with heaps of fertiliser (I had no idea geese pooped so much)!
Elsa's nest.jpg

And I had to share a photo of how much one of our cockatiels loves scritches. This is Lemmy who is our son's bird. He is the most tolerant, sweetest bird ever who adores our very energetic son.
Happy Lemmy.jpg

I'll be trying that pizza dough recipe @N F C as pizza is very popular at our house. And I've finally learnt the art of making focaccia bread and made the yummiest tomato focaccia loaf yesterday (it's pretty much the only bread our fussy son will eat, even when I wasn't making it right)!

You have been busy @rjohns39 - it all looks amazingly delicious. I've been meaning to try making homemade English muffins.


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Feb 25, 2014
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My Coop
Can pizza dough be made with Bulger wheat? Asking for a friend. <sigh>

I was busy paring down the files for our new two drawer filing cabinet when a Ken came in carrying my jacket. He said, “Let’s go. You need to get out without it turning into a stressful shopping trip or errand.”

I didn’t know that’s just what I needed! We threw Fiona in the van and made a run up the North Fork. That’s the drive between Cody and Yellowstone. There were Big Horn Sheep, Bison, and deer around every curve, it seemed like! The scenery through there is always spectacular and today was no exception. Fee had to stay on leash, of course. With all of those smells, the thin ice on most of the river, and wide open spaces, I was afraid she'd get on a track and not come back when she’s called. She’s letter perfect in the house or out in the yard, but out there? Nope, don’t trust her yet. Just too many intense distractions.

I’m going to bed (before 3am, believe it or not!) so I’ll post pics in the morning. Nite!

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