The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Dec 12, 2013
Thanks, got a super deal on some pullets, and bought two little Lionhead does that can grow up together.
Going to the Dr. tomorrow I hope. Sinus and ear infection, plus tendonitis in my thumb I think. Had a nice nap today.
Your new rabbits are cute! Glad you had fun at the swap Cap.

Sorry about the sinus and ear infections...hope you can get in to see the doctor today.


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Aug 20, 2015
Smith County, TN
Good morning folks :frow

:yesss: Grand daughter just face timed us - she and her boyfriend got engaged yesterday. I knew it was coming as he had told me, but I have learned that you never know. He's a good man, and she made a wise choice.
Congratulations Sour...
Thanks, I am going to go see the doctor if I can get in.
Loved the bunnies, hope you get cleared up quickly
Good morning Bob and @DigMyChicks :frow
:frow Good morning Marie, have a great day
Good morning Sue, enjoy your day!
:frow Good morning Debby, have a great day


Apr 5, 2015
Appleton, MN
Sounds like you all are as crazy as we are...DIY saves a lot of money...but it sure takes a lot of time & effort! We built our house 25 years, how time fly's! We have already remodeled the powder room and finally finished the laundry room last year...I know...we were just having to much fun to get to it! Now we want to remodel the kitchen, master bath & guest bath! :th Good luck with your project!
Thanks you! We gutted the basement bathroom many years ago and never had the time to refinish it. It has been a catch all over the years. We are not doing a ceiling in it as there’s too many water pipes in there. The rest of the basement doesn’t have them either except the 2 bedrooms.
The people (previous owners) that built our house did a very poor job. That was back in 1979. They mudded the walls and didn’t sand alot of it. Everything we do is a battle here so I dread any project. The house has shifted so much that there is a gap along the North walls on the basement floors. :thRant over...I should be grateful I have a roof over my head and the ability to fix what’s wrong:D
DMC you can just consider this bathroom as practice for the work you'll be doing to the main bath.
That’s exactly it! We are by no means professionals.:lol:

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