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Mar 31, 2011
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morning im :frow
thank you, theres so much to do here since we haven't been here since march, the weeds have a good foot hold , kody only mowed for us a couple of times since hes so busy and they messed up the lake by draining it( didn't do anything to it but drain it) now theres weeds, grass and lily pads, more so than before they drained it, now husband has to rake what he can reach from the dock with the water rake, and throw out weed killer, will take months to get our little section back to where it had been and i have to wash everything inside🙂

found something while checking out my fruit trees yesterday, i have three oranges on my first planted orange tree, Three, i have no idea when they're ripe but so proud to have them

have a great thanksgiving im
Congratulations on the Oranges! I have two orange trees- one mandarin and one tangerine. Both of them have a lot of oranges this year

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