The NFC B-Day Chat Thread


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Apr 5, 2015
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Awee, the next couple days will probably be like that :hugs it will heal in time. Hopefully sooner than later 💜

You too! Love the pictures you find!!

That's pretty nice you got a discount! :woot I think the gloves was a good idea! I know it would bug me to see prints every time I used the sink :lau
I love looking at home design magazines and how people use color but, much like the red bathroom, it never looks nearly as good as the image in my head. I like how gray goes with any color scheme, and it makes some colors pop.

Hows the other bathroom coming along?
He didn’t make any money off of me 🤣 I will promote his company. I gave his name out already to someone who is building a house.
That’s all we have left is to put the shower stall in and hang a mirror. Hubby is debating whether to put leveling cement underneath it and if he should use a different drain rather then what came with it.
He found a leak in the toilet yesterday. It damaged the sheet rock a little at the base. I have been checking it almost every day and apparently missed it. I have a fan going to dry it out so it doesn’t mold. It’s a good thing it’s a cement floor.
This bathroom is not pretty like my main bath. It will mainly be used by our son.
Never seen a big group of bikers like this before (I was shaking because I hadn't ate yet 😑 )
Hells Angels of California
It looks like Sturgis SD.


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Dec 12, 2013
Good morning everyone!
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