The Nugget Nest is taking shape!


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Jun 24, 2014
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Our 14 chicks came last week, and we're enjoying socializing them... And my Beloved Husband is constructing them a PALACE! The coop has a 4'x8' footprint, and an additional 4'x8' covered in the front. We'll have 8'x16' *more* which will be completely enclosed.

Overengineered, much? Well, yeah, but he and our daughter are having a BLAST - as am I!

Here are some pics from today when they put the roof on...

Well darn.... It's not letting me upload pix from my phone! Let me fire up the laptop and see if I can link to the photos in my Google account....

Here's the front of the coop, as my hubby and daughter are putting the plywood on the roof.The enclosed run will come out an additional 16 feet! The nest boxes are on the end where the ladder is, and the coop door (which we're planning on leaving open most of the time since the entire coop and run will be enclosed) is on the right.

This is the back of the coop. The two large openings are for cleanout. The coop has upper windows on three sides, and the door plus an additional vent (the small square opening in the first pic) will give the girls LOTS of ventilation.`

The coop is in a little group of pine trees right next to my raised bed garden. We're also going to built a little coop for the 15 guinea keets that should be arriving soon - we're planning on calling IT the "Looney Bin" ;-)

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