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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Rusty Hills Farm, Nov 29, 2009.

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    I've just been sitting here watching the movie Pearl Harbor. That was my parents' war. They are gone now but I cannot help but wonder if they had satisfying lives. They lived through so much. My dad served aboard the USS Savannah. What a different world they lived in! It's corny, I know, but I keep thinking about the times they lived in and the world they knew....hardly seems like the same world now. Were they happy, I wonder.

    I guess I'm in such a funny mood because my own kids just left. I hadn't seen my son in months. He's still recovering from spine surgery and that movie tonight got me thinking about how he's about the same age as my dad was then. He's in a lot of pain right now but hopefully that will pass...but it got me wondering about the pain my dad was in at the same point in his life and how it may have affected him and about how even in the midst of all this change, deep down nothing really is different, is it? Each generation still spends all its time overcoming all the trials and tribulations....and I just keep wondering if any of us do get to be happy sometimes.....

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    I don't know if any generation is happier than any other. There's always stories of the "good ole days," but I think that has to do more with being young than it does with a better era.

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    I'm one who thinks that we are as happy as we make up our mind to be.

    We can decide that life is horrible and be miserable, OR we can decide that we are going to be happy and roll with the punches and learn to be grateful for ALL things.. both good and bad that the Good Lord sees fit to try us with. It's why we are here on the Earth in this mortal state, to grow and develop, to endure to the end...

    ... to learn to love like God loves.
  4. desertgirl

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    Mar 29, 2009
    Agree with the other posters. Each generation has it's own challenges and triumphs. There are a myriad of things I don't like about our current times, which makes me nostalgic for earlier times, but I've noticed noone ever wishes it was the future, only the past. I think we sometimes have selective memories...[​IMG]

    It is sweet that you are thinking these thigs,though. Your son and your dad are lucky to have known you!
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    Rusty, you sound a little blue. I hope you have happiness in your life and I hope your son feels better soon.
    Spine surgery is tough, been there and one that 3 times so I wish him the best.
    If there is a way you can get together with him you should, have a good long talk about what is on your mind here, try to pass on the memories and history of your family to him.

    As for your question, I think each generation has their own trials and tribulations that they deal with but you can make the best of it and be happy with what you have.
    I think alot of unhappiness stems from wanting more than you can have or having higher expectations than are realistic.
    We are all guilty of it but if you recognize it and change your outlook I find happiness is easier to attain.
    I know alot of people that have way more money and material things than I do but they are miserable. They go on alot of vacations and keep spending money trying to be happy.
    They do not lead satisfying live and I can see that. Money cannot buy what they are looking for, if you want to lead a satisfying life you need to appreciate all the everyday things that are a part of life.
    To be involved in life, to live it every day, all the little things.
    The world has alot to offer and sometimes the most satisfying things in life are right in front of your face.
    My satisfaction comes from raising my kids, digging in my garden and cooking food I grew, watching my chickens, keeping bees, volunteering at my church, restoring my old antique cape and talking to neighbors over the back fence.
    I feel great when I have completed a project around my home or done something to make my kids life better.
    Satisfaction for me leads to happiness.

    My parents lived during that era as well and my dad was in the military. They speak of it as if they were happy. We always think of their times as simpler but they had the same issues, saving money for a house, buying their first car, raising kids and they had their wars and we have ours.
    Same deal, the music, clothes and hair stylesjust change.
  6. bheila

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    Feb 8, 2008
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    I totally agree with what everyone else is saying [​IMG] For some reason I've always felt like I was born waaaay after when I should have been. I live a much simpler life then most they did in the good ole' days [​IMG] I never felt as happy until I started living my life in the slow lane. I chose my lifestyle and I'm extremely happy [​IMG]

    My grandparents first "house" was a chicken coop [​IMG] and they were the happiest and most kind people I've ever known. I honestly believe that people in the good ole' days were much happier then now days. I think people rely too much on medicine/pills to make them happy now, instead of actually having to deal with life.
  7. Rusty Hills Farm

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    Apr 3, 2008
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    Same deal, the music, clothes and hair styles just change.

    See, this is what I wonder about. Is it the same deal or are we changing as a nation? Are we becoming crass and greedy and self-absorbed or were these elements always there and we just see it more clearly now because of better communication?

    As for me, I am fast approaching another birthday so I'm a tad too introspective. Plus I have way too much time alone now. I am slowing down physically so I deliberately lightened my work load. That in turn has given me too much time to think, I'm thinking. So, yeah, I'm a little down right now. I cannot ride for hours anymore and I miss that part of my life....and the 4-footed friend I did it with. Sure, I have youngsters in the barn right now, but he's the one I unconsciously look for and then feel that same ache of loss every single time I go out there.

    I was just curious about how others handle this aspect of their lives....about how to keep achieving that sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction it brings. And how you get over the sense of loss even though 5 years have passed already.

    Thanks all!


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