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Aug 30, 2016
Thunder Bay Ontario canada
Down one more rat :D That leaves at least one more adult since I saw 3 at one time on the game camera a week or so back. Tried to get the Ramik at Ace but they don't have it in the store :(

For some reason even though the game camera display lights up and shows countdown when I turn it on, it isn't capturing any pictures at all. Not sure what is happening with that. The display shows 50% battery.
Your camera is too close. It’s not instant from triggering to picture so you need enough space that the critter can trigger the pic and still be in the pic when it’s taken. Also trigger speed is worse when it’s cold out :)


5 Years
Dec 31, 2014
NE Missouri
@dsqard I am so happy for your daughter and can just imagine how proud you are to see this beautiful young woman succeed.

Five generations! wow! is all I can say and if the capital w worked on my computer wow would be in capitols.

Please pass on my congratulations to her and tell her to stand 'Strong' and pround! And may God watch over her as she so selflessly serves her country.

@perchie.girl Deb....I'm sitting here sighing and shaking my head. Dear lady you could be my sister doing something like that to yourself. Please take care and be safe.:hugsYou must sure be sore.

I'm trying to play catch up here but man, old folk sure do talk a lot!:lau I have been doing most of my shopping on line lately, through Amazon Prime and the local HyVee store..well local to us as it's 20+miles away. I needed to shop but didn't feel like a 40+ mile drive so I dug out a N95 face mask and drove into town yesterday. I thought I was through with the wearing of the face mask as a fashion accessory but learned that the Prolia I'm taking is an immunosuppresive drug...sigh so onward with the mask. I was talking to one of the guys at the feed store and told him I wasn't worried about the wu-flu as I call the corona virus in the news as I was the Influenza A that is ravaging the area. He just kind of smiled sheepishly and admitted both his daughter and wife have it.

Thank Goodness for surgical masks is all I can say.

Otherwise just sitting around waiting for the Missouri Gumbo to dry up......maybe by June.
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