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deb, sorry about your back, and toe. It sounds painful. I'm glad your neighbors were able to notice, and help you. You need to be more careful. Moving is not easy to do. I don't envy you, but don't tackle it alone, and if needed, make more than 1 trip.
Wont be alot of trips at all. I am still not steady on my feet, walking anyway.

No I am hiring movers. and will get help from my son when its time to pack the horse trailer. Or may hire day labor at U haul.

But No most I am doing is packing boxes tossing things that dont fit into the donation bag. The heavy Items I have my son help me with.

Dropping the tank was my own fault. I was upset with someone and I needed something physical to do. Stuff like this I have the muscle memory but not the strength to do. BAD choice on my part.

WRT the Back. It has always hurt... to some degree. From my early years Riding horses. When I was fit it was better.



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Deb, about 15 years ago, I went to Jenny Craig, and lost about 55 lbs. I didn't have trouble getting the weight off, but it took about 9 months. During that time, I did not do an exercise program. As I was losing weight, I noticed a lack of physical strength. It concerned me.

I spoke to a couple other friends that had lost a good bit of weight, and they too had lost physical strength, but told me that they regained some of it after they stayed at their desired weight for awhile. When I hit my desired weight, I began a simple 10 minute workout every other day. Anything longer, and I would not have stuck to it. Anything complicated, and I would not have stuck to it. I was not lugging around the extra weight, so the simple 10 minute workout was easy. 4 weeks later, I noticed that simple little workout had toned, and developed my muscles nicely. I regained strength, and agility.

Just keep plugging away the best you can. One day, you'll get there. You're closer to your goal, than you were 8 months ago.

You sound like you're looking forward to getting back into your home. That's good. I was denied that, to a large degree, when we bought this place, so enjoy the anticipation of being in your own place again.
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Down one more rat :D That leaves at least one more adult since I saw 3 at one time on the game camera a week or so back. Tried to get the Ramik at Ace but they don't have it in the store :(

For some reason even though the game camera display lights up and shows countdown when I turn it on, it isn't capturing any pictures at all. Not sure what is happening with that. The display shows 50% battery.
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