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Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
Laser specific= our street out here in very rural NTX.... Population turnover over last 2 years and many of the new ones avoid eye contact..... The 4 right "next door" to us are all still semi-neighborly...... It's just a wierd *feeling/observation* from town folks.... (Shrugs)
My guess is it is the "population turnover" not the pandemic.

Walking to church tonight
We thankfully don't have any of that yet (though they could use some at the mountain so DD2 could go back to work). I do have the garden tractor set up for blowing snow when it does arrive for real.

Knock Knock Knock! Anybody here?
Wisher is here! Christmas has come early :D

How long has it been since Chickadoodles was last on? Maybe she has just taken a sabbatical, like me.
As Al said, she was having health problems and was going to have an operation of some sort. Does @Nifty-Chicken have access to people's contact info? Maybe he could check.



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Dec 31, 2014
NE Missouri
Morning everyone. Don't mean to NOT stop by, just so little time and so many threads, lol.

I sent a get well card to Chicka via her daughter. She said she would be staying with her to convalesce after she had heart surgery. I have her address if anybody wants to drop her a card.

I told Chicka that we were all thinking about her and worried about her and maybe she could have her daughter log on here and let us know how she is doing. I didn't get the card back so I assume it got to her but so far, nada. That was back in October I think. I went as far as googling her name and no death notices popped up which is good so idunno. To quote Yul Brenner in The King and I, 'It is a puzzlement!'.

drumstick diva

Still crazy after all these years.
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Aug 26, 2009
Out to pasture
Sour, did you run out of "Depends," AGAIN??? just teasing, now and then like to poke someone with a blunt stick.

Don't know where your energy comes from but, wish I had some. I don't seem to do much but sleep a lot. I can really rack up the hours easily. If only there was some monetary compensation involved :confused:. Maybe there is a "go fund me" for nappers.

Plus memory is totally shot - my younger brother is the same. We have long pauses on the phone while we try to think up what the other wanted to say.

Even Danny the squirrel that visits - complains that he comes by at crack of dawn waiting to be fed treats and I don't rise until late in the afternoon (usually) oddly I am up now.

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