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I had the a similar thing happen when I was having a pancreatic attack. I have pancreatitis and this one was bad. I waited several hours too in the emergency room. I went to the VA hospital which is over an hour away. Luckily hubby brought a book not knowing how long I would be in there. They did admit me to the hospital for several days to get it under control. I haven't had an attack in a quite a long time but usually can tell when I have a flare up and can adjust my diet, but that time the pain was really bad. Good luck...


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Dec 31, 2014
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Thanks Becky! I think the emergent cases came in by ambulance. We got a weird feeling when there was no one at the desk to take my name or get my vitals. Plus of course, they don't allow visitors so hubby was out in the car freezing. I told him to go home. Finally when I hadn't seen a doctor in a couple of hours, he gave in and went home. I called him around 6 am to come get me. It wasn't just the long wait th as t bothered me. I had to ask for a blanket, was never even offered a drink. Plus they didn't come in to check on me or let me know what was going on. They just hung out at the nurses station chatting. And the alarm was binging continuously , because my BP was elevated. No freaking wonder!
If you get a survey in the mail, make sure you answer it and tell them what happened. Trust me it does make a difference. No excuse for that level of non-care. Years in the medical field has taught me that is what generates law suits and malpractice suits. :hugs


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Feb 1, 2010
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I covered the top of the coop with a tarp, put big piles of hay in all the coops, then topped off all the feed, and water. My Florida chickens are ready for tonight's 35 degree weather. We had Spanish Bean Soup for supper. It's delicious, hearty, and a good warm food for chilly nights. It's pretty easy to make too.
I am glad you enjoy the Bean soup. Not a fan, even my chickens refuse to eat beans. Hubby would love it!

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