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Paige McGhee

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Jan 22, 2021
I was searching for a thread that I could relate to. I noticed that the really active threads were the kids' threads. That's fine, but I really enjoy chatting with people my age (old.) Then I noticed the active state threads, but MY state's thread is hit or miss. I love the hatch-alongs and the swaps but those can be sporadic.

I really wanted to find a thread where anything and everything (within BYC rules) can be thrown out and other middle aged folks could relax and enjoy each others company. I want to have a thread where we can keep up with old BYC friends, and make new ones.

If that appeals to you, regardless of your age, please subscribe!
Yes I am a "old folks" and want to chat about chickens! How do I subscribe to your thread?

Sally PB

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Aug 7, 2020
Belding, MI
You're here now! :highfive: The next time you click on this thread, it should start you right here, I think. This is a really popular thread, and is on the "what's new" thread list all the time. So, jump in and chat away.

If you have specific chicken questions, it gets more attention if you start your own thread. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge in the collective BYC brain trust here.

Paige McGhee

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Jan 22, 2021
Well I am young so I will just post this last thing and leave your topic to the older variety of BYCers but I am with you. I have around 45 birds, 4 guineas, 3 turkeys, rest are chickens. It really can be a burden on two fronts. First of all it can be expensive feeding such a big flock, my birds go through nearly 100lbs/week on feed. Second is the responsibility factor, there's always got to be someone home to help our turkey with leg problems climb into the coop and then to lock them up at night.. heavy raccoons and coyotes in my area. It can really be a bummer when we want to go out to the bar or go down to the river at night... have to wait until bed time for my birds and in the summer it can be as late as 8:30.

Hi. Yes, chickens - all animals are a responsiblity!
I enjoy caring for mine but I am a homebody 😀
I have a question for you since you said how much you feed. My chickens are ALWAYS hungry and I feed them later crumbles and kitchen scraps but I am wondering am I feeding them enough.i have five chickens in one cage and I feed them about three cups a day of crumbles.
Should I feed more?


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Apr 19, 2012
NW Vermont
She was doing well.

But then the cancer she had had... turns out they hadn't gotten it all.. it spread all over, went kind of crazy...

And there we are.

It is very sad, and quite tragic.
If, by chance, you happen to be in contact with her, let her know a LOT of people here miss her and her spirit. Amazing woman with so many talents, she will be (and already is I guess) sorely missed.

Got salad? The Wall o' Lettuce (one of two) is providing plenty. Chickens are happy!
View attachment 2497827
This is 30 assorted lettuce plants.
That is very cool!

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