The old girl gave up the ghost.

Guinea Goonie

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12 Years
Sep 2, 2008
Peace Valley in Howell County Missouri
I have two very old buff orp hens that i have been keeping to live out their lives.

They have been very sweet ladies. Yesterday I found one in the silkie pile with her head turned around like she was sleeping. I got the others out of the way and sure enough she had passed on.

It gave me great comfort to know that she passed with her friends around her and it looked to be a very easy death, passing away in her sleep.

This is how it should be, RIP big girl.
I think this is the first post I've read about a chicken death that was pleasant, as in she lived out her life and died in her sleep, surrounded by hen-mates, very peaceful. She sounds like she was well-loved. My condolences.
It sounds like she had a wonderful quality of life, and lots of love. Thank you for allowing me to read about the natural ending of a hen's life, to normalize it. So many have said to me, "you know, when they get too old to lay, in two years or so, you can just..."

I much prefer your path and hope some day to let my brand new girls, live out their days for the other joys they bring, not just an egg a day!

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