The ongoing Meyer Hatchery saga

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by featheredmom, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. featheredmom

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    Nov 5, 2012
    As many of you know, we have had so many issues with this order...first placed in October for 1st week of Nov delivery, then their system "ate" our order, the chicks were supposed to arrive Thanksgiving week so we cancelled out of town plans-and then they arrived the week after Thanksgiving...half were DOA, and all but one died over the next 36 hrs. We culled the poor gal just in case she had some type of disease that could be transferred to the rest of our flock.

    Well, spoke with meyer today, they will be shipping JUST brown layers and EEs since they do not have our order and we have to have them before the end of the year for 4H(we ordered 25 rainbow layers, 12 brown layers, and 13 rare layers)...and for ALL of the inconvenience and nightmare, they are generously giving us a $2.64 credit(which I will never use).

    This is insanity. The "credit" that they are giving us isn't even enough to cover the difference in price from the rare layers to the browns(they supposedly had to charge us 2013 prices when we paid 2012 prices initially-hence such a small credit).

    So anyway, we now have new layers arriving 12/17. So much with raising them with the chicks we received from MMcM(they were supposed to arrive a week apart with the MMcM chicks being bantams and tophats it wouldve worked perfectly). I can't wait for more babies, I just hope that this batch is a bit healthier and I really wish we could've gotten the chicks we ordered and cancelled plans for(we could've gotten rainbow and brown layers the week BEFORE thanksgiving, but waited for the rare much for that).
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    Wow. I have been hearing Meyer was having issues with moving off orders lately with no warning but changing the birds in the order? And a downgrade at that? Yeesh.

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