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    May 6, 2012
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    I realized today that me dog is now in the chicken pecking order. My dog was trained early to leave chickens alone. I was hoping for indifference. Instead, this dog eats grass with them, scratches for treats and comes running when the rooster calls! And if he gets out of line, the hens peck him to put him in his place. So not only is he in the pecking order, he is not even close to the top! It's hilarious.

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    My black Lab, Rose, is way down on the pecking order. One of the lowest hens, Benny, a production red, likes to prove she can make the dog move. Out of 25 chickens Rose recognizes Benny and knows if she lets Benny get within striking range she is going to get pecked. Now the Brahma pullets have started this game of make the 70 pound dog move. They rush up to her face and play 'Chicken'. For her part Rose sighs and comes over to me for protection, and a biscuit. She puts a different spin on Good Bird Dog.
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