The puppy is growing


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Mar 20, 2008
NW Kentucky
A few months ago we got this adorable great pyrenees/labrador puppy. He was 15 weeks old and huge already. Well he is now 7 months old and still growing. His name is Casca.

Casca is great around the chickens and the ducklings. the little ducklings have all been "groomed" by him which they did not seem to mind the doggie slobber too much.

He is now learning to play fetch with a ball...a volleyball
I feel sorry for any predator he gets the bite on..he has amazing jaw strength and is fast.

so, I thought I would share pics of my baby with you all.




Oh he is such a beautiful boy. I love my little/big boy. Tell Auggie Casca says Hello from Southern Oregon!
That Casca has a ferocious bark and a whine/growl that makes the ground shake. What a great dog he is turning out to be!

Oh, btw, I put your envelope in the mail today, so it's "winging" its way west! Included one of Shadow's cute little lavender feathers for you to see. Might be good in earrings. She's beginning to molt now that her babies are hatched.

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