Sep 6, 2016
Random ramblings? I like that! Today we were at the local mall. We have a pop up stand where I transfer photos on shirts and my husband airbrushes around the picture. Popular for rest in peace and anniversary shirts. A couple, likely in their 80s came with a little dog in a tutu sitting on a pillow in a shopping cart. Adorable! The lady fit on some shirts to get her size, was very self conscious of her big belly& wig (At her age??)She wasn't wearing her teeth (like her mouth was constantly moving). I pulled up some chairs and they snuggled with their dog while I got a picture of them.. She didn't know how to text me a picture. She said under her breath, I have cancer that's why my belly is so big. I was floored and took me a couple seconds to regain my posture. I saw her picture before cancer...cancer is a monster- it changed her physical appearance but she's absolutely strong and courageous out in a big mall when she's almost to tired to walk.... And isn't embarrassed to meet strangers! Could I do that if I were in her shoes???

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