The REAL OT's Guide to Raising Chickens

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    I swore that I'd never post in this section because I came to BYC to learn, not socialize, but when I found this I knew I just had to. For the readers edification I offer "The practical poultry keeper : a complete and standard guide to the management of poultry, whether for domestic use, the markets, or exhibition, ~circa 1869. To tempt the potential reader of this literary gem I offer one quote verbatim:

    FOWLS should not be kept unless proper and regular attention can
    be given to them ; and we would strongly urge that this needful
    attention should be personal. Our own experience has taught
    us that domestics are rarely to be relied upon in many matters
    essential both to economy and the well-being of the stock;
    and, if any objection be made on the score of dignity, we could
    not only point to high-born ladies who do not think it beneath
    them to attend to their own fowls, but can aver that even the
    most menial offices can be performed in any properly-constructed
    fowl-house without so much as soiling the fingers. If there be
    children in the family old enough to undertake such matters,
    they will be both pleased and benefited by attending to what will
    soon become their pets ; if not, the owner must either attend to
    them himself, or take such oversight as shall be effectual in
    securing not only proper care of his birds, but of his own meal
    and grain. If he be unable or unwilling to do at least as much
    as this, he had far better not engage in such an undertaking
    at all.

    If this has excerpt provided sufficient inducement and has piqued the reader's interest I commend you to the following site forthwith:

    Upon arrival at the afore mentioned site the high-born and educated among you will quickly and easily ascertain that the publication is available in a variety of formats, those easily being selectable from the top left of the page. Since this publication is not protected by copyright it is also permitted and strongly suggested for you to print a copy for the edification of those of your domestics as can read.

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