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    At the recomendation of a fellow BYCer, I ordered some Dexter Russel knives. In total I got 5 of them. I got a 6" stiff back, 6" drop point, a 4 1/4" drop point deboning, a 3 3/4" deboning, and a 3 3/4" drop point. I couldn't believe how much easier it made the job, especially cutting up. I was unsure which knife was for which cut, but after playing around with them, figured it out. If you are cutting up very many chickens, and can afford to buy knives, I reccomend getting you some poultry specific knives. These Dexter knives where very sharp right out of the box, and the steel polished them up quickly. Absolutely great knives! Soon, I plan on ordering a few more to complete my set which would include a stainless steel cleaver(cutting off the head/breaking down backs), a pinning, a 3 1/2" vent knife for gutting, and a slitting knife for killing. I have always been one to try and "get by with what I have," but I am making an exception to my rule on this one.

    Here are links to a few of them:

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