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Apr 28, 2009
I would like to preface this by saying that I love BYC, and it's staff, and everyone here has always been extremely nice and helpful, and it's my favorite way to pass time online. I'm simply posting this as a "random rambling" to get it off my chest. Please don't ban me from BYC!!!!

That said, I don't break rules, not intentionally anyway, and I ALWAYS use this forum correctly. I have lots of chickens, I love them, I love learning everything I can about them, and I love talking to OTHER people who love chickens as well. I thought that was the point of this forum??? Sharing information, help, and conversation?? well, I recently found out that we are not allowed to chatter.... slight chattering on posts has always been one of my favorite things on here, a way to converse with someone on a topic your both interested in????

I found that out, because I was told to read the rules. I was not swearing, threatening, argueing, or being mean in any way. I was just trying to see if anyone was selling frizzle cochins. So to get my post noticed, I put in a catchy subject, and someone else was nice enough to bump it for me because it went unnoticed.... This was apparently a HUGE rules violation. After being told not to bump, I said I was sorry and I didn't know it wasn't allowed, and then my replys were all erased to read: edited by terrielacy... not fair!!!

So, BYC staff.... I love BYC, I'm an active member, I reply to as many posts as I can help with, and I am never rude. I understand being explained the rules if I break them, but why have all my posts erased if I didn't say anything bad??? I didn't know I wasn't allowed an opinion??

Anyway, I got if off my chest. I was just looking for a frizzle cochin, and now I'm in a bad mood and feel totally stepped on.
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I find that very odd. I was on another chicken forum and I'm tell you this place is so completely laid back to that one. If you posted that you ate a cookie it was deleted, nothing was allowed, you were not allowed to post unless you had a direct answer to the question it was horrible. This place is great, keep coming and keep posting!
I too love the chatter. To me, it's the point of a forum, to TALK!

As for being moderated, it stinks but it happens to all of us from time to time. I too have never done anything really bad but I've been moderated, had threads deleted, and all that. It happens and it does make you feel crummy but you need to move on.

Did you put your frizzeled cochin post in the BST area with a Wanted: thing in the subject? Try again maybe and if you weren't the one to bump it then don't sweat it!
yes, it's still on the BST page, but it is closed and locked, and if anyone HAS any to sell, they won't be able to post.... and of course I can't repost it...
A few comments:

well, I recently found out that we are not allowed to chatter

You're absolutely allowed to chatter... that's why we have social sections of the site. With that said, we do not want the more "serious" sections of the site to just fill up with chatter. Please know that the staff gets bombarded with reports like, "I posted a question about xxx and now all these members have turned it into a random ramblings thread." We do allow some degree of friendly discussion in almost all sections of the site (not usually in BST), but if we get reports from other members that feel it is excessive we may send a note.

Bumping: This has always been against the rules, and is usually taboo in most online forums or at least considered bad forum etiquette. There have been lots of discussions on bumping before, but the bottom line is that it creates a messy forum.
See these threads:

Bumping is strictly not allowed in any BST sections. We're actually considering removing the ability to reply to threads in BST because bumping (in many forms) has become a problem.

I didn't know I wasn't allowed an opinion??

Okay, that's just silly. You'll notice that all of the BYC staff have opinions and often express them, and participate in threads where people have opinions... so to say we don't allow it is kinda a ridiculous statement.

What we don't allow is very specifically stated in the rules of the forum and if members follow those then everybody is happy.

Remember, the rules and how the staff enforce them are established through over 60 years of combined experience managing this community... we know what does and doesn't work.​
BST isn't a place for discussion, but is to list things for BST. Discussions about the items should take place in private messages. The original poster can update their first post if they have more info or something changes.

Most of our "bumping" reports from other members are in the BST section where others get their listings pushed to the bottom of the page because of discussions that take place in other threads.
I know, I understand the bumping, I wasn't questioning that... I didn't know it wasn't allowed, and once I was told, I was fine with it.... I was just upset that everything I said was deleted. it's ok though, I will continue my search for frizzle cochins, properly!!! Thanks for taking time to read and respond to my pointless ramblings
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