The run? How deep.

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  1. homechick

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    Mar 26, 2007
    Mineola, Tx
    Converting a doghouse today for a temporary coop. As darling as they are, it will be nice to have them out of the house.. they are starting to get stinky despite the daily cleanings.
    I have a question about the run. I want it to be big, I'm sure my son and I will enjoy going in the run to feed the chickens by hand, etc. I don't want a wired floor so what is the best way to keep out monsters that will eat my babies!! Would digging down a bit and just buring the wire some work? I get conflicting info on the web. Thanks!

    Also, how big does the nest have to be? I wanted to squeeze in three on a four foot wall. Would that work for my bantam/standard flock?

    Thanks! Yall save me so much anxiety.
  2. Corey NC

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    Mar 28, 2007
    North Carolina
    Digging in a bit is a smart thing to do I have and I haven't had any trouble with predators. We did it with a plow so it wasn't really deep, maybe 6". another option that would work if you have the resources is to pile rocks around the outside.

    My next boxes are about 12 x 12 inches for my standards, I think it would be alright if you had them a bit smaller since you have batams if you wanted.

    If you have any more questions don't hesitated to ask. [​IMG]
  3. countrygirl4513

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    Apr 14, 2007
    Portland TN
    i used "bricko blocks" thats what we call them they are concrete blocks. i dug in around the house and put a piece of fencing down then the blocks,then back filled. it has kept out the boogers so far. of course i have a 2 great flock keepers that do that too. so i'm double protected.
  4. mom'sfolly

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    Feb 15, 2007
    Austin area, Texas
    I'm going to tag my question on this thread since it is similar. Currently our run is being used as a chicken tractor but will eventually be attached to the coop. If I put stone around the outside will that be enough to keep out coons, possems and skunks? How far can those boogers dig? The stone is big hunks of cut limestone that is used on houses here. I'm scavaging (sp?) from junk piles at construction sites. I got the coop shingles that way too.


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