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Jan 14, 2012
The Lost Rose Forest
Its hot you can barely walk and you are dying of thirst and hunger when you come across a girl and two other kids. Hi I'm Avalon and these are my two younger twin sisters Taki (9) and Tavalon (9). We travel together running away from adults and any other life of that. You could say we are freedom runners. We go as we please and fight the enemies who trespass. We shall give you food but watch out for enemies

  1. No Cussing
  2. Keep It PG
  3. Be Nice
  4. One Special Skill or Power
  5. We don't have guns or cannons we have arrows, swords, and paint spheres we make out of leaves, sticks, and dirt
  6. Please respect others
  7. No one is the most powerful
  8. No killing without permission

You can make your own Freedom Runner Group but we only have two group positions so you must act quick and get the first group. Please PM me or ask before you get a Freedom Group. Please Copy and Paste this to be in The Runner Life. Ages are 8 - 18

Leaders: Must Be 14 and older
Healers: Must Be 11 and older
Warriors: Must Be 14 and older
Mentors: Must Be 14 and older
Apprentices: Must can be all ages
Hunters: Must be 14 and older

  • User Name:
  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Appearance
  • Power or Skill:
  • Rank:
  • Freedom Group
  • Pet
  • Weapon
  • Bio

My Name is Avalon and I am 14 years old and I am the leader of The Earth Freedom Runners. I only live on the trail with my dogs Loki and Lilly they are Titan Dogs (Titan Dogs are super strong dogs that carry you around and never get tired). I have long black hair and swift fast agility.

The Earth Freedom Runners

Leader: Avalon (AngryChicken14)
Healers: Tavalon
Skill: The Earth Freedom Runners have quick hiding skills
Enemy: Sky Freedom Runners

(If its blank Its needed position)

The Sky Freedom Runners

User: Nix Noodle Numbat
Leader: Lennata
Healers: Udara
Hunters: Wirowka
Skill: They fly and are very stealthy they mostly attack from the sky
Enemy: The Earth Freedom Runners

Name: The Black Runners
Username: HollyBird24
Appearence: The Black Runners look quite different then the Earth or Sky Freedom runners. They appear almost demon-like with raggedy clothing that hangs in stips off their bodies. Their faces are pale and sunken with empty, black eye sockets that seem to stare right through you.
Personalitiy: Dark hearted and twisted evil. They have no loyalty to a leader, each other or anyone else. They are dishonest and have no shame in lying or wicked trickery. Pain, suffering and death seem to follow them wherever they go.
Attitude: Same as above
Territory: The Black Runners have no official territory, they are wanderers that never stay in one place for very long.
Weakness: They cannot stand natural light, during the day they are in hiding, deep within the dark forest where sunlight cannot penetrate the thick cover of trees. Articifial human light does nothing against them.
Skill/ Power: Black Runners are crafty and skillful magicians who use dark, powerful magic from ancient times.
Group Name: The Black Runners
History of your group: The Black Runners were created many, many years ago to fight the light. They represent everything evil and dark, and have been that way for centuries.

Name: Phantom
Username: singingchickenmomma
Appearence: Blue eyes and blonde hair
Personalitiy: quiet. really serious
Groups Attitude: Secretive, and very sneaky, stealth like
Territory: Any place near water is theirs mostly all water
Group: Water Rulers
Weakness: Earth
Skill/ Power: doing anything with water
Group Name: Water Rulers
Bio: She was beaten by her parents and now she found her true power of water and strength
Leader: Phantom
Warriors: Odessa
Healers: Raksha
Hunters: Sheik
History of your group: All abandon by their parents finding water as a straight element of power

Earth Runners: We live by travel we travel by foot and Titan Dogs. We are surrounded by trees we don't battle during night or winter.

We can be half wolf or hawk only.

Magic isn't forbidden you can use only earth, air, dark, water, spells
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The Sky Freedom Runners

Leader: Lennata

Warriors: Linnu, Cielo, Badai

Healers: Zbura, Dangaus, Skristi,

Hunters: Brissa, Himmel, Wirówka

Mentors: Mosca, Molinette, Udara

Apprentices: Vogel, Luft, Audra,

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