The saga continues... (Sour crop etc)


Dec 12, 2019
So.. Out of our original 8 chickens, 4 are showing signs of crypto, 2 have confirmed crypto, and one other has some respiratory/reproductive issue that may have something to do with crypto, though she tested negative.

This is so disheartening. The original chicken with crypto got better (with multiple vet visits, fluids, tube feeding medicines), then came right back into the house 2 weeks later with the same issues. 2nd chicken, she is getting better, but afraid to put her back outside since the last one that got better ended up back inside again. Next 2 are showing signs of dehydration, weight loss, and watery poop. The one with the respiratory issue/laid 2 soft eggs seemed to be doing fine - until a few days ago she looked like she wanted to lay but didn't. Today I got her off the nest and something watery came out that looked like it could have been a shell-less egg. Now I'm afraid a soft egg broke inside her.. She had laid many fully shelled eggs before and since we put her back outside, so I am surprised to see she may be having an issue again.

Seriously, I haven't seen anyone post about half their flock getting crypto and what they did about it- if anyone has seen someone post about this, please send it my way. This is so so rough and we've been dealing with it for over two months now.

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