The Solution of Wifi and Distance

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    I am just totally amazed.... this is awesome.

    I don't know how new this technology is, but I tend to keep up with stuff like this. It was only a couple of years ago that I went looking for a solution to getting wireless to our back property so that I could put cameras in the coop and other spots on the property. This was not an option then.

    Here's the skinny ---

    I just bought 2 Powerline Network Adapters. They are a plug and play solution to wifi -- and its not wifi - it's just as if it's being wired by cable to your modem/router. You are using the existing house wiring to act as network cable. And it works! The complaint about these has been that houses are usually wired with 2 lines. And the first powerline adapters would only work along 1 wire. So half the house couldn't use them. Not with these jewels..... works across both wires.

    I bought ZyXEL PLA-407 adapters off Amazon and they arrived yesterday. I just reprogrammed one of my cameras to run directly off the router -- I turned off the wireless in the camera. I removed the antenna. NO WIRELESS settings are in the camera. I plugged it in my coop, which is a good 300 ft. from the house, but wired from the house. And it worked GREAT!!

    I took my laptop out to the coop and plugged into the adapter, turning off the wifi in my computer, and did a speed test. The result was about a 15M download. With the wireless arrangement I was using, I would only get about a 4-5M download. Plugged directly into the modem/router, my laptop pulls down 50M which is what I am paying for. But believe me, I am completely happy with the download speed of anything over 10M for camera use. Less wireless signal.... more hard wire results. I am liking it.....

    I will be ordering more adapters today.... so if you have a hard time finding any, you will know I got 'em first[​IMG]

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