The Story of a Chick who won't chirp much


Jul 12, 2016
A couple of my family members found a quail chick out in the street one day. We think he's about 4 days old now. When we first got him, he would chirp a lot. We mainly gave him water with vitamins in it. When we got him, he couldn't walk very much, and then he started to walk better. For 4 days, we gave him water in an eye dropper. We even put a heating pad at "low" under the box he has been laying in. We heard it's good to give a lonely chick some love and that they like to be held. So my sister has been giving it love. Yesterday, he stopped chirping and didn't do much but sleep. Starting today, we've been giving him a protein shake in an eye dropper about a few drops every hour or so. He seems to be recovering slowly. Am I doing the right thing?

I would really like some advice to help out.

Thank you
I can't answer the question. But, I would suggest placing your question in the emergency section as well. Someone who checks that regularly might be able to help.


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