The story Of Mumble

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    Mumble was just a small hen who gotten old l'd,and begin getting sick.Her owner was a boy named Joey.He was only 11,and he often never did anything,but play and talk with mumble.A few days later Mumble became a house pet because of her sickness.He had to do everything for her.She was 24 years and couldn't walk,at all!He would have to bring her food to her he had to carry her around everywhere.It was on going.He had no breaks,no nothing.After so many months it got boring and his birthday was right the next day.His mom begin cleaning.Joey was shaking in his pants because he though his friends may think it's funny hugging and reacting with a chicken.So he decided to hide her.He ruffly grabbed her and since he was not paying any attention tossed her right in a dog's face that was eating.By then they were setting everything up.They heard nothing going on,not a peep.The dog growled viciously and begin to attack mumble.She was so slow and weak,she just suffered.Finally,his friends had arrived.The party went on for hours,and hours Mumble bled.After a long rough night,he went to go get Mumble.He opened the door and his eyes grew so wide.He yelled to his mom.She raced in and saw.The quickly had to drive to the vet.the next day was her pick up day.Joey felt horrible and selfish.He walked into the vet.Only thinking about Mumble he tripped on his shoe lace.He heard a small cackle.Unfourtently they fixed the bleeding,but not her old age problems.The next went she grew blind in her left eye.This time she got so sick,she couldn't rotate her neck,or even talk.Her body was so stiff and cold,fora minute they thought she died.That day,Joey took a $40's and ran to the vet.They checked her out and called Joey for the news."Now young man,your hen,Mumble has a very very bad disease.Now we can do surgery,but you have two choices 1:Surgery 2:put her to sleep."He stood there blankly eyes soon to water."Well..I surgery."He wiped his tears away and bravely said.Three days later was her pick up day.They walked in and got the hen and immediatly left.She was doing better.She was back up on her feet,she could move,she could see,she could talk.For three months ever thing was fine.A few months later,she wasn't her self.Right back to the vet.This time it was worse.They could not fix this.It was unspeakable.It was different and weird.A few days later she died,at least that's what they thought.She was a box for a whole three weeks.1 day Joey walked in his room.Nothing to do,but look around.As quiet as it was he heard everything.A nice kick at the box.It opened.Out flew a new healthy hen came flying.He couldn't believe his eyes.MOM MOM!! he yelled.She raced in.It was unbelievable!That day she was back outside as happy and healthy as she could be.
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    Great story you've got there. I wish that could happen, it'd be wonderful wouldn't it? [​IMG]

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