The story of my hen that ate a pipe cleaner (She was okay!)


In the Brooder
Jul 8, 2022
I had this silver dorking hen named Suzzie. She was a odd hen, but a friendly one. She even tried to mimic words! However she wasn't the smartest. I found this out after she mistook a pipe cleaner for a worm and I found it in her droppings! However she was completely fine! After that I completely scouted my yard and got rid of any little foreign object that could be a hazard to my chickens. Sadly she and another one of my hens Alice got attacked by a dog and are up in heaven now, R.I.P Alice and Suzzie.
I frequently perform yard patrols. My chickens aren't so bad, but my geese put EVERYTHING in their mouths. I once caught Golly trying to ingest a piece of glass.

Sorry to hear about Suzzie and Alice. Glad that the thought of them still brings happy memories.

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