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    Oct 14, 2019
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    My Coop
    I've posted some pictures of pieces of our "super coop" but I thought I'd create a real "build" thread and go over some of the challenges/successes for anyone that is interested.

    First off, we got our first 3 chickens back in May and purchased a little coop (referred to from hence forth as "the little coop") from TSC. $200 I figured it would be fine. little_coop1.jpg

    This picture is just after we assembled it. The hardware cloth seemed flimsy and my wife could poke her finger through the corners and was not happy with the security.


    So I got "real" hardware cloth and did the screw/washer treatment. Much safer. Plus you can see we put it on 2x4s and used staples and landscape staples to attach chicken wire to wood/dirt.

    Now this coop was advertised to be big enough for 5-8 chickens.
    It's not.

    My wife convinced me we need a new bigger coop.

    So began the journey of building the "Super Coop"

    it's 6'x10' with a 8' 3" x 12' roof (yes 8' 3" more on that later but you savvy ones probably already know why)

    We picked a location in amongst our semi shaded/wooded area that gets plenty of good morning sun. Now this area slopes a bit and is REALLY rooty. I decided to go with the flow and get it flat but not level, so the coop is built with the slope, as in the base slopes about 7 inches. Basically, the coop is slightly wedge shaped. Everything else is level, just the bottom slopes.


    Got the area generally cleared and ready for the blocks.

    Due to aforementioned roots, this took 1/2 a day. There are pavers vertically underneath the flat others have done, I just don't have pictures of that.
  2. diverdale

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    Oct 14, 2019
    Garner, NC
    My Coop
    Once we got the pavers down, I started framing. Since it's on a slope, I left all the studs taller than the final dimension and then cut them off level using a recip saw.
    All the studs up.
    Coop floor leaves 2' clearance at the lowest point.

    floor joists and rafters

    Coming along nicely.
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  3. diverdale

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    Oct 14, 2019
    Garner, NC
    My Coop
    Now I mentioned in the first post, that the roof was 8'3" x 12' That's because I didn't allot for the thickness of the 2x4 so each of rafters are cut to 8'...add the 2 12' fascia boards and you have 8'3". Not a huge deal but I didn't want to change it (too much trouble) so it cost me some plywood...lesson learned.

    I failed to snap some pictures for a bit. My wife (Beth) painted everything and we installed the HW cloth.

    The waste from the roof miscalculation mocks me here.

    Next I put the roof on.

    Now, I'm no roofer but I thought this turned out pretty well. The little humps flattened out in a couple days.

    Coop door came out nice. I should have drilled the ventilation holes from the back as the bit walked a little me so they are not perfectly lined up...but as Beth told me "It's a chicken coop" ;)
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    Oct 14, 2019
    Garner, NC
    My Coop
    I used the heaviest roof felt I could get (30lb I believe) and 7/8" roofing nails but they still poke out into the coop a little. Beth was afraid the girls might get poked in the head so I picked up some tongue and groove bead board stuff.


    Turned out really nice. We are leaving the last wall panel off to allow easier movement inside the coop.

    Ramp done...may have to tweak it a little but it's a checked off item now.

    More to come ... thanks for looking! ;)

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    Sep 23, 2019
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    Awesome coop, I also have one of the first ones you bought and two others...
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    Dec 29, 2015
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    Hey looks pretty darn great to me now do another twice that size for chicken math :yesss:
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    Jul 24, 2016
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    Look's great!
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