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    sara'a sister here still i was thinking about jumping in and heading up the june swap... but i had a couple of things i wanted to check on... why is it that all eggs have to be shipped out by the 30th or so??? it would seem logical to me that if you join into the would need to be prepared to have the eggs sooner than that... if all the info is posted like say the 12th of the month, why no say the eggs need to be out by the 20th that is plenty of time to collect a 1/2 doz eggs...also that way it should work out that by the following months swap all of the past swap should be hatched??? 2) we need some sort of guarentee that people are commited to this... it sux for people who are who get matched up to people who are not. 3) should it not be a secret swap anymore, only to the point that only one person is in charge of what you get...would it suit everyone better if after the swap has commenced that the header post everything right away??? let me know what you people think!!
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