The three legged chicken

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    A salesman was driving down a country road and passed a flock of chickens. Suddenly, all the chickens began to run and keep pace with his car. Astonished, the salesman looked at the flock and noticed they all had three legs! He accelerated his car to 40, 50, and finally, 60 mph. The chickens easily kept up, and when they all reached a fork in the road, the entire flock peeled off and disappeared into the distance. Well, the salesman had to tell somebody what he just saw. Spying a farmer in his field, the salesman stopped his car and ran breathlessly over to the farmer. "I just saw the most amazing thing!" shouted the salesman, "A flock of three legged chickens!" The old farmer spat on the ground and answered, "Yup...those are my birds." "Can you imagine the market for drumsticks?" said the exited salesman. "How do they taste?" he asked. The old farmer answered, "Can't say....never caught one."

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    Heard it before but never gets old! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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