The trouble with Midget silkies is..

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  1. They never live that long. [​IMG] Tiny, my little blue midget silkie from Allen Stanford died today. She wasn't showing any illnesses. But that's the the problem with midget silkies. Its' that they just don't have a very good chance at making it as long in the chicken world as normal chickens. The same thing can be said about a lot of people who are midgets. They have poor health and usually die at birth if not constantly watched and treated by a trained physician.
    Tiny will be missed greatly. I'm sure she is watching over her brother that she left behind from her big yard in the sky.
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    When you say you mean a bird carrying the dwarf characteristics?
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    im sorry for your loss
  4. Quote:Im not sure what the dwarf characteristics are. But Im talking about a chicken that is twice as small as its siblings. A runt if you will I suppose is a good example. Ever so often a midget silkie pops up in some of Allen Stanford's birds. I bought a group of 8 off him this spring. And one of which was a midget silkie. For the first two weeks it looked like a hatchling. They grow very slowly compared to normal silkies, and never get quite as big as them. It is close to the size of a jap or serama. They are not breedable. The organs inside dont work properly most the time. And they always seem to be female.

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