The Turkeys Are Hatching!!!!! Update...Need Advise! **** Picture!!!


12 Years
May 31, 2007
The Flint Hills, Kansas
I wasn't expecting anything for another day or two, but at about 1 am, one of my night owl teens woke me to say that I had a baby turkey!!! There is another egg that has started, but the first on keeps crashing into it and rolling it all around. I hope it will hatch OK. There are 15 eggs in all that I got from Sands (thanks Steve)! I'll keep you all updated! I was afraid that none would hatch because I have had such a hard time keeping the temp regulated, but early this am at least, there is one more baby Bourbon Red in the world!
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Well, this morning, still only the one turkey. One started pipping last evening, but doesn't look like it has progressed any. I do think I hear other noises other than from the little peep though. I will keep watching and waiting!


My hen had her first peep because I could hear it and then I kept checking thinking it was a low hatch rate. Three days later, 12 little heads popped out from under her! She had 8 eggs left over that didn't hatch.

Keep us posted.
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Well, it's been nearly 24 hours since the first one hatched. The second that pipped has done nothing more and no sign of any of the others doing anything.
How long do I wait and how long should I live the baby in the incubator? It looks good and healthy. If none of the others hatch, I'm going to have to scramble and see if I can find a newly hatched baby chick from someone so it won't be alone.
Is that a sweet Bourbon red I see? Purty purty....I like the looks.....Congratulations!

Have a blessed day!

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