The typical Pullet vs Cockerel question..

The Prairie

Oct 14, 2018
My broody CCL hatched out the chicks roughly 7 weeks ago. Two were her own eggs, one a Wyandotte. The rooster is either a RIR or RIRxCCL from a previous hatch. I've included a picture shortly after hatching, the two redder chipmunk chicks are the CCL eggs and the darker is the Wyandotte. I'm pretty sure the WyandotteX is a pullet, and likely from the RIR roo. But I am plumb stuck on the CCL chicks. With how chimpunck colored they were I was assuming they were pullets but as they grow they seem more barred than I was expecting and I'm learning towards cockerels now. The pics of all three the wyandotte x is the more reddish with broken lacing. Thoughts?
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For reference these are the RIRxCCL chicks, one of which may be the father of this clutch. The two reddish chicks were this cross and both were Roos.
Darn. So can someone help me with why their colors aren't as dramatically sex linked? I thought the RIR solid over a barred hen would produce an obvious difference at hatching? My first RIRxCCL weren't either, both were chipmunk colored one lighter one darker. This year both chimpmunk, similar shade both most likely roos. My BSL (RIRxCuckoo Marsn) had a head spot and no head spot so were obvious. I did get a very light non chipmunk chick from last year from this cross also but unfortunately it had an accident and died before it feathered out. Could I be confused and the RIRxCCL has a light puller chick and a chipmunk cockerel? Very curious about this :)

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