The ULTIMATE list of DUCK Treats and Supplements...

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by nettie, Sep 11, 2009.

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    A great post on many different foods suitable for our quacking friends. I just wanted to let folks know that Del Monty has been making canned peas and corn for awhile now that is suitable for Ducks, as there is absolutely NO Salt added. The cans I get regularly for the local Duck Pond outside a Price Chopper Market have the convenient PULL Top lids too, so I usually buy 5 or 6 cans and mix it up to partially feed the 70 to sometimes 100 ducks there.

    They also get uncooked whole grain brown rice, (6-8 pounds put out lately to help them fatten up a little for the upcoming NY winter), plus a 6 pound bag of sunflower chips (unshelled).

    It may sound like a lot,....but there are lots of sea gulls, crows, and sparrows that take a fair share. To make sure the ducks get their's first, I hang around very near the ducks for about a half hour. That keeps the sea gulls and crows at bay for awhile. (and the crows get a pound of unsalted peanuts anyway in another area, ....and they thank me by bringing "treats" of broken glass pieces and ribbons occasionally, just like at my yard at home! :)

    I can't afford to do it every day, but 2-3x a week usually I make sure the Ducks get a good meal. Others bring the usual crap bread to the pond, even with signs warning it's not good for them. Over time I've converted some of them to the better choices......

    Joe T
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    My four week old duckling love frozen peas i throw them in the bath tub while there swimming and they go crazy they are still inside while there pen is being put together as soon as i walk into the bathroom with the zip loc bag they start going crazy and line up in front of the tub its so funny and cute
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    We need pics
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    Very good post. What I really enjoyed was stating the facts on why particular foods are good or bad. This helps me remember and encourages me to adhere.
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    Thank yo very much for this information.
    Q: now that there are essential oils that are good for many ailments, human and animal, can you recommend any oils that may be good for ankle swelling on my duck?
    I have given her oregano oil with no help with the swelling. I have used Bentonite clay and made a paste to draw out impurity’s and now I am massaging and wrapping her ankle. I also giver her floating in tub water time to take her weight off her leg.
    Any suggestions, anyone?

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