Their wings while sleeping


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9 Years
Dec 16, 2010
I notice that my almost 3 week olds often sleep with their wings positioned off their bodies. Not extended out, but raised off of themselves. If they are doing this to expel heat because they are warm, why wouldn't they move away from the lamp more? There is plenty of area to get away from the heat lamp.

Or, do they just normally do this?


8 Years
Nov 15, 2011
Elma, Washington
Mine are the same age and do the same thing! - I'm not sure why, but they prefer to be right up under the lamp with wings spread, rather than move away and be more comfortable
Mine have a large brooder too, as long as they can get comfortable, that's what matters most.

I recently moved the lamp up a little to harden them some. I came in later and checked on them and they were in a pile! I thought they might be too cool, so I repositioned it just a little....


7 Years
That sounds similar to the position they take when they are dust bathing. Do they lay kind of on their sides with wings extended? Mine will dust bathe themselves and get in a comfy position on their sides and rest in the sun, so it may be instinctual dust bath behavior.

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