Thelma and Louis in McHenry IL

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by Kelly617, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Kelly617

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    Jul 23, 2013
    I am really really hoping someone can help me. My new fiancée has been saying he wanted chickens sense I’ve known him, well me being from an old farming family am all for it, sure baby, I like chicken! :) Well someone told me that we can actually have chickens here in the city of McHenry (Ya I know, sorry, this is my first time living in the city) anyway the guy that told me this is actually very knowledgeable and intelligent, didn’t think for a moment to second guess him. So when I found that out, I did a ton of research and built my fiancée a really cool chicken coop, perfect for a couple of city chickens. So I picked up a couple chickens for him, Thelma and Louis we call them. And actually they are awesome, they are so fun to watch, they follow us everywhere, my fiancée texted me last week and said that he wasn’t getting any yard work done because the girls jumped down in the hole with him eating the worms as he was digging. They are super quiet, my fiancés dog makes far more noise then they ever do. They love our little garden, not only do they do a great job fertilizing it but they make little nests and do like this dirt bath thing on their backs and their feet stick straight up in the air, it’s so funny. All the neighbors love them. 2 of them want their own. Messy? Yep, but aren't all birds messy. But really the wild birds that visit our yard make just as much mess as Thelma and Louise; they’re birds, that’s what they do. But I did so much research so they wouldn’t smell. And best of all they eat a ton of bugs and yep, eggs galore!
    Anyway, I just found out that we can’t have chickens :( We are very very upset about this. I really don’t want to eat them now. So I am wondering if anyone knows if there is anything that I can do to keep them or will I be wasting my time? Has anyone had any luck in McHenry IL?
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    Jan 17, 2013
    If your neighbors won't turn you in as long as you don't have roosters hopefully no one will say anything. Do you know you're neighbors well enough to ask them if they are alright with the chickens? If your neighbors are good with it then your fine. You will run into problems if your neighbors are not alright with the chickens. You should seriously talk to the neighbors and make sure they don't mind cause they would be the ones to ruin things and turn you in. If neighbors are alright with it then you should be fine. As long as no one in your surrounding area complains on you. If they complain that's when the trouble begins. So just ask nicely and see what the neighbors think. If neighbors are good then you should be fine. Keep us updated on what happened OK and best wishes

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