There are ants in my treadle feeder

Bryce Thomas

Mar 21, 2021
Gilbert, AZ
Yes I have moved the treadle feeder and tried to drown the ant hill but these ants keep popping up they are harmless small black ants but because I like to sit in the coop a lot and play with my chickens they crawl all over me and bite me when I play with my silkies and they are really annoying. Is there anything I can do to kill these damn ants?
I had an issue with some ants and I used some permethrin. I don't know if it killed them or they moved. Good luck...
Yah need a moat. Back in the old days they would take the pie safes and put each leg in a small can of kerosene. Not going to be that easy in a chicken coop with the straw and dirt being scratched around. Maybe set the feeder up on a large platform made of concrete patio blocks or pavers then set the feeder in a shallow pan of soapy water. Might need to seal the bottom of the treadle feeder using silicone and a caulking gun. Hope the chickens don't like to drink soapy water. And hope they don't climb up the wall and down the back of the feeder.

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