there going in at night....


5 Years
Nov 4, 2014
at 11 weeks or so i able get my birds to go in at night. at first (at 8 weeks) i was putting them in at night on by one then i heard that putting a small light on at dusk will get them in......and it works, had the light go on for 3 nights at dusk , yesterday i shut the light off completely and at dusk they went in with out the light. mission accomplished. now i shut the door every night cuz of the critters. thanks for the light tip.
Odd they took so long to use the coop. Put our 4 week olds out a week ago friday and last night all but six went into the coop themselves. Figure tonight they all will go in on their own so it took just over one week of picking them up two at a time and if one remained for odd number knew I had them all.

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