There's hope for missing chickens!!

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    May 13, 2011
    About two weeks ago, my roommate's doberman/ german shepherd mix broke through the fence and attacked my four backyard hens. I was able to get three of them back, but one of my sweet girls went missing. At first, I figured she had just run off to escape that evil dog. But when she didn't come back to the coop that night, I was distraught. I looked EVERYWHERE for her, but couldn't even find feathers. I was absolutely heartbroken since this is my first flock up in Boone, NC. There's nothing sadder than seeing a chicken roosting in the cold without her "bestie" [​IMG]

    I figured her for long-gone.... but yesterday, while walking my dog about a half mile away from my house, I saw... three of my chickens hanging out on my neighbor's porch! My neighbor said they come up there every day to hang out (she loves them and offered to buy eggs!) and also revealed that she found a lone chicken about two weeks ago. Since she didn't know anyone with chickens nearby, she gave it to another friend with chickens.

    Long story short, my chickens have been cheating on me (getting fed yummy fruit by a neighbor) and Spaghetti came back home to be with her bestie!

    Moral of the story: Even when you're certain they're dead, chickens will surprise you! Never give up hope! Chickens are tricky! [​IMG]
    [​IMG]Three of my ladies!
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    Cute story!
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    so did you get your 4th chicken back? glad to hear there all alive

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