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    I have 4 girls that I raised from chicks this year. I have them in a mobile coop that we move at least once a week, if not more, to keep the ground under them fresh. Due to where we live, we are unable to let them free range (which we found we couldn't after webcam already gotten them because shortly after we bought them, the neighbors bought a dog that has shown signs of wanting to harm my girls and has tried running at their run before trying to get in to attack them! So horrible to see!).

    Anyways, lately I haven't been handling them not being able to free range so a couple nights ago just before it was completely dark, I opened their door and let them come out jusylt to see what they would do. I went about my business filling their feeders and changing out their water and I was BLOWN AWAY by what they did....they followed me around like little kids following their parents! My heart completely melted! I enjoyed the moment big time but figured it was a fluke.

    I tried it again tonight and they did the same thing!!!!! I love my girls so much! I just love how loyal and trusting they are!!!

    Thank you all for humoring my gushing :) this right before dark thing just might be our new routine :)
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    Not at all, we know how special our girls are! [​IMG] Keep enjoying them and have fun!! [​IMG]

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