Theres some kind of nipple like thing on my roo.


In the Brooder
9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
He's in moult and near his rump where most of the feathers are gone, theres this bump that looks kinda like a nipple. I poked it and its not mushy or soft, its hardish.
I noticed that on my silkie pullet aswell when I was checking her for mites. She doesnt have any but she has that nipple bump thing.
What is that?
It's his oil gland. All birds have it. You will see them use it when they are preening, they will look like they are nibbling on the area, then they will rub their head on it, and run their beak over their feathers to straighten them out and make 'em all purdy again.
Ohhh ok. Thank you

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